About My work:

I have had two photos that have hung on walls this year so far. Both sold. One of them sold within the first 24 hours of the opening. It was a National show and “Petal Dancer” turned out to be one of only a couple that sold from several other competing images from the show. Though the image did not win, it is now on someone’s wall. And that itself may be better than winning.  So to all who have bought my work. Thanks. This is more than an elaborate thanks though…I want you to know what you have really bought.

There is term among photographers called “Spray and pray.” This is a “method” of photography where the picture taker takes as many photos as possible in hopes that something will come out of it that is half way presentable. This way of doing it is without skill, hoping for a miracle to happen and that they will grab that moment. I began this way, and probably most any photographer does that wants some recognition for their work until they get a fuller understanding of the craft (if they decide to take the time to get better at it). This work “Petal Dancer” was not a spray and pray moment. The moment was not orchestrated nor could have been planned, it took a lot of skill to get a photo like this. In fact this is probably a once in a life time chance for a photographer. Right place at the right time does not mean you are going to get the shot.  So you will want the skills to be able to increase the chances of getting the shot.  This requires a lot of things.

  1. Learning about hummingbirds. You don’t have to be an expert, but you should know some of the behaviors and things such as when to look for them in your area while they are in migration.
  2. Going out all the time. I spent 3 hours or so every day for over 2 weeks focusing my efforts on hummingbirds. Every single day. Wasn’t planning the shot but made myself available.
  3. An Investment I have made has been the time I spent to mold myself into the type of photographer who has a chance at reacting, composing, and getting this shot within seconds.
  4. The biggest investment of all…I have studied in detail many aspects of photography, anything related really. From long exposure, to high speed, to scenery, to macro, and even fashion photography. From equipment care to using editing programs. I have even studied other art forms and some business to gain more perspective. I have spent numerous hours over the years watching videos , reading, and seeking advice where I could find it. I look for great talent and try to gather what I can from those people.
  5. When you buy a print you also invested in quality. In galleries I invested the money for museum glass, acid free this and that, and everything that goes along with it.

And since I put so much into the work you buy I hope you realize how thankful I am that you bought it.

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Petal Dancer

Petal Dancer