A little late announcing it on here but tonight I will be speaking in front of a group of photographers on Adventure Photography at the Newton Library in Kansas. I will touch on different experiences a long with giving advice about my approach on this type of photography. Some unseen imagery will be a part of this event. Again Thanks for the continued support!

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I have recently heard a few people (who are not photographers themselves) say that “No one really cares about (or likes) birds.” I took no offense to this as I myself really never thought much about birds for the longest time. So I wanted to explain why I have come to love photographing these animals and why on my social media more and more birds are seen.

Little Blue Heron Reflection 1

Little Blue Heron

Here is a short list:

  1. They are everywhere, always. Take a moment to look out of a window and sooner or later you will see a bird if not several. If you want to take photos of insects, throughout most of the US, winter is not a season for those, plus flowers, and other things.
  2. In Kansas we have reputable spots for birding. Places such as Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira Wildlife Refuge become hosts to an outstanding array of birds, including shore birds and the rare Whopping Crane. Though they are seasonal they make stops here during their migration. So throughout the year, birds are an option for photography.
  3. Bird photography can be very challenging. There are many aspects of it. High speed flight shots, feeding shots, mating rituals, there is a lot of challenge potential when photographing a bird. Keeping them there long enough to actually get a good shot is the first challenge often.
  4. You never know how pretty and diverse they can be until you have tried to photograph them. Before photography, birds were in a few groups in my mind. You had hawks and eagles, cranes, ducks and geese, robins and sparrows. Which basically everything else was one of these in my mind.
  5. With all of these points it can lead up to one major point. It will improve your photography skills. You have the year round opportunity to be challenged every time you go out with your camera. And some people who can’t go out much, do photograph birds from their windows.

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I’m not on flickr or any of those yet (at least not actively) but will probably work my way into those things.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 1

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

If I were to be perfectly honest, up until recently I would tell you that I am not a huge fan of flower photography.

Let me explain as I do in other scenarios when talking about this subject. And then I’ll explain how it has helped me with inspiration.


The attention actually goes to the lady bug but without the flower it would not stand out as much as an overall image.

Answer this Question:

How many exact photos can you recall of flowers?

The reality is for most of us flower photography can be  big blur and recalling an exact picture is from a sea of images of variations of the same things over and over is actually difficult. So I never really got that excited about the  thought of flower photography (but never think I hate it, just shy away because it doesn’t stand out).

This line of thinking has been a source of inspiration for me. Because maybe as a photographer we can further push outside the normal and even above average perspective of flowers. Or at least try to go above what we normally see in flower photography.


DSC_3486Therefore I will begin to add more flower images to my gallery. I hope you enjoy them, I am actually slightly addicted to this. Continually striving for a “wow” effect.



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Iban child in a long house playing gongs.

Iban child in a longhouse playing with gongs. Sitting on hand made mats.

At the time I didn’t understand how lucky I really was to be a guest of this particular Iban longhouse for and event like this. I was able to be a witness of a traditional Iban wedding. Not only that, but I may have been the first American to this place (definately the first some had ever met). Also, this was the first Iban/French wedding known in Iban history.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of how lucky I was. I came with the hopes of meeting some elders who could tell me about the Iban way and how the old tradtions were potentially fading with the generations.

The pride of the Iban is not gone, the fire they have will not be put out, but to find  the old ways you may be hard pressed to find this in the younger generation in a more modernized world. Though having tattoos are still common place, especially the traditional “bunga terung” tattoos on the shoulders which are markings of an Iban. But when you think about it, do I even live like my elders did? Things with time just seem to change. So if you want to find these things, now is better than later.

I had a couple of nights to experience all I could and what I found is a great people.

For those who don’t know, the Iban were once known as one of the fiercest tribes in Borneo and were also known as head hunters. A people who thrived in the jungle. Sounds intense? Its supposed to, but the Iban, when you are thier guest are full of kindness and hospitality. I will explain in more detail what I learned and my experiences in future posts. They will also feature more imagery of the experience.